Fall Arrest Training
Fall arrest training

Fall Arrest Training

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Online Training Certification

Fall arrest training is a certified online course that allows trainees or employers to certify their workers so they can work at heights. This online fall arrest training is not fall arrest awareness, this is a online fall arrest certification course is most suited for Aerial Platform use.


This is good to use with an aerial platform, but can't be used for construction.

  • Fall arrest training allows the trainee to use fall protection equipment when working at heights established by Health & Safety regulations and standards. Our online fall protection certification meets these standards.
  • You will require fall arrest training if you will be working at heights (generally 10 feet (3 metres) or higher you will need to be certified for fall arrest
  • It will provide participants a general understanding of the safe and efficient use and care of fall arrest equipment.
  • Assist in meeting your obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations & ANSI/CSA Standards.
  • To insure all trainees are knowledgeable in when and how to use fall arrest protection.
  • Give each trainee an opportunity to PUT ON a safety harness and adjust it correctly to their body type.

You will be required to put the harness on properly. Please read the "How It Works Page"

Quick Questions

The online fall arrest certification is vaild for the aerial platform.  For tree cutting, windows washing, changing lights etc.

3 Years, at which time you will have to get recertified.

Price: $75.00 (Per Test)