Overhead Crane Training
Overhead Crane Training

Overhead Crane Training

Sling Hoist

Online Overhead Crane Training

The overhead crane training certification course, also referred to as sling hoist will provide your trainess with a general understanding of the safe and efficient operation of an overhead crane. This certified online training will meet or exceed the CCOHS and OSHA requirements. The testing will cover the following: 

  • Standard safe practices.
  • Analyzing the lift.
  • The Overhead Crane's basic operation.
  • Use of chains, slings, spreader bars, grabbers, and other attachments
  • Load capacity and limitations.
  • Regulations and penalties.
  • Pre-shift Inspections
  • More...

This safety course will also require a hands on evaluation. Please read the "How It Works Page"

Sling Hoist Safety Tips:

  • Do not carry anything in your hands when climbing up and down the ladder. Items that are too large for your pockets or belt should always be lifted or lowered from the overhead crane by rope.
  • Do not operate a sling / overhead crane if limit switches are out of order, or if the cables show they are defected.
  • Do not lower the blocks below the point where less than two full wraps of cable remain on the drum.
  • Do not attempt to lift a load beyond the rated load capacity of a crane or sling hoist.
  • Never lift a load from the side. Centre the overhead crane / sling directly over your load before attempting to hoist it, to avoid the load swinging.
  • Never leave your suspended load unattended.
  • Do not attempt to lift a load beyond the rated load capacity of a crane or sling hoist.
  • Do not reverse a motor until it has come to a full stop except to avoid accidents.
  • Do not dangle a load over anyone.

Quick Questions

It will take 30-40 minutes for the online testing part. Then however  long it takes for you to complete your hands on evaluation with your evaluator.

It is $45 per test, per person.

Yes,  please review our safety training courses page for pricing.

3 Years, at which time you will have to get recertified.

Price: $45.00 (Per Test)