WHMIS Training Requirements
WHMIS Training Requirements

WHMIS 2015 GHS Training Requirements

WHMIS 2015 Canada

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, or better known as WHMIS 2015 Training considered to be a special type of training that a particular Canadian employer must give to their employees if they are not already certified before hiring them.(if required) .

WHMIS helps employers and employees learn about particular hazardous chemicals and how to handle them in the work place. Without this form of training, the workplace can be an extremely dangerous place for not only the employer but the employee as well.

WHMIS is a training system that should be an ongoing process. It's imperative that new and grounded workers not only have the proper training, but they continue to get fresh information to help them successfully handle hazardous chemicals. The objective behind an employer giving continuous WHMIS training is to not only inform but help the employees gain knowledge based around health issues and safety hazards around them.

When it comes to regulatory bodies in Canada, specific training in WHMIS is regulated through safety jurisdictions. Not all WHMIS training is the same and most training programs are built and based around a particular workplace. It's highly important that a company has a specific training program developed around their particular workplace.

Despite the difference between WHMIS training based on locale, the idea behind the training is to make sure that the building is a safe place to work in. WHMIS is normally giving in two parts, giving trainees that ability to section off information given. The educational part is based around labels on hazardous chemicals. An employee must understand how to properly read the labels and identify them. Colors, abbreviations and numbers are the main things an employer and employee should know. This basic knowledge helps everyone to understand how to handle particular chemicals.

The second part of WHMIS training is to ensure that Canadian employers and employees understand how to properly handle the chemicals in question. It’s important one knows how to dispose of the chemicals, as well as use them. Emergencies are important incidents that must not be taken lightly and are very much apart of the training process.

Relabeling is also an important aspect of WHMIS training and ensures that one knows how to properly label chemicals that have been put in an unidentified bottle.

WHMIS training in Canadais required and is a much needed tool. Without this form of training the workplace can and will become a dangerous place to be. With proper training and development, employers can effectively handle dangerous chemicals responsibly.

Retraining For WHMIS

The occupational health and safety standards require employers and employees get recertified in WHMIS every 3 years.